What is the Role of DUI Attorneys?

The most common question about DUI attorneys, particularly in Florida, is whether the same principles apply to all drivers, no matter their criminal history, driving records, etc. Although it may seem unfair, that is usually how the courts in the state operate. DUI attorneys often deal with people who have had a minor traffic violation or a DUI charge on their record.

In many cases, the laws surrounding DUI are so complex that lawyers are often not able to give complete legal advice regarding what an individual should do in a given case. This is where they can offer legal advice to individuals who need guidance on matters pertaining to their DUI charges. An experienced DUI attorney is one who has handled DUI cases for a long period of time and has plenty of experience in their field. Their experience can be a huge asset when it comes to advising individuals on what to do, and even what to expect in a court proceeding.

While many DUI lawyers are actually prosecuting attorneys, it is not uncommon to find some DUI defense attorneys who practice law. These types of lawyers, often referred to as DUI civil lawyers, are able to offer the same type of advice that a prosecutor would offer. This means that they are able to give individual representation to individuals who have been charged with a DUI and are facing a potential jail sentence or hefty fines.

The role of DUI attorneys in the defense of an accused DUI driver is to help their client to come up with a defense strategy that will win the case. Many times, the best defense strategy will involve hiring an expert witness, such as a medical doctor, or a psychologist, or another expert who has dealt with similar cases in the past to testify regarding the defendant’s mental status. This will allow the court to consider mitigating circumstances during a trial and make their decision based upon the evidence presented.

Some lawyers who specialize in DUI defense are able to help an individual make other arrangements. For instance, a person with a DUI arrest on his or her record may be able to get a good deal on a home loan if they are able to demonstrate that they have done nothing wrong and are currently making payments on time. They can also get a discount on insurance premiums if they are found to be a responsible driver by their insurance company.

Even though an individual can hire an attorney to help them fight their DUI charges, it may not always be possible to have one at their side when they appear in court. This is when they will need to consider hiring the services of a DUI private investigator to do their research on the charges against them. These experts can conduct a comprehensive background check on an individual so that they can determine whether the case is a good fit for a DUI conviction.

Once a person is convicted of a orlando dui, they may be faced with a number of penalties. A judge may impose a jail sentence, heavy fines, and a lifetime of probation, but the person can avoid jail if they can prove to the judge that they have been rehabilitated.

Unfortunately, not all people who are arrested for a DUI are able to prove to the judge that they have been rehabilitated and deserve a new beginning with their life. A judge may dismiss their case if they cannot prove that the DUI charge against them was a mistake, and they do not provide any proof that the DUI charge was not a result of irresponsible behavior. Because of this, a judge will order them to attend alcohol and drug rehabilitation classes before sentencing them to jail.

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