Hurricane Impact Glass – Unnoticeable Protection with Noticeable Results

Hurricane impact glass is a near perfect solution for storm protection, while also not diminishing the look of your home or business. The real major benefit though, is the fact that once they are installed, there is nothing else to worry about. Other storm protection, like storm shutters require you to open and close them, depending on what the weather is like.

Hurricane impact glass stays installed, and continuously protects you all year long.

Hurricane impact glass usually comes surrounded by heavy duty aluminum, but the quality of that aluminum depends on the contractor. The impact glass has a special silicone glazing process done to it, which helps to keep it from shattering.

Usually an impact will crack the glass on the outer layer, but an inner layer keeps the glass together preventing anything from entering your home or business. When buying impact glass, you want to make sure that it meets all local hurricane and storm codes. Another great benefit of impact glass is its ability to protect the interior of your home from dangerous UV rays that can damage the color of your rugs, coaches and anything else inside. It also reduces the noise outside to a tolerable level, so you will not be bothered indoors. If security is another concern of yours, you can rest assured that impact glass will help keep those vandals out of your home or business, while providing storm protection at the same time!

It all boils down to an easy and simple product, that provides security and protection, while still maintaining the beauty of whatever building they go in.

Note: Impact Glass can be more expensive than other storm shuttersbecause there is the labor involved in removing the old glass and putting the new ones in. If you’re considering buying a home that lies in a hurricane zone, be sure to ask your realtor if the structure is Miami-Dade building code compliant.  If you already live in one of these areas, and you’re preparing to remodel or perhaps build a new home, consult with your contractor about the building codes, and be sure that he or she is prepared to build according to the Miami-Dade County standards.  Hurricane force winds will quickly damage property and take lives. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to heed warnings, but also ensure that your home is well built and that your have functional exterior shutters in compliance with Miami-Dade standards.

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